"Release global opportunities, play International exhibition and digital intelligence Platform" special training meeting was successfully held!



"Release global opportunities, play International exhibition and digital intelligence Platform" special training meeting was successfully held!

China's foreign trade has developed rapidly, and in 2022, China's foreign trade withstood multiple pressures exceeding expectations, and rose against the trend on the basis of a high base in 2021: the scale of foreign trade exceeded the 40 trillion yuan mark for the first time, maintained the position of the largest country in goods trade for six consecutive years, and ranked first in the world in international export market share for 14 consecutive years.

In today's digital age, the rise of social media has changed our lives and business models. As a global communication tool, social media can not only help us stay in touch with others, but also be a powerful tool for effectively promoting and expanding our business. In international exhibitions, we all want to attract more visitors and potential customers, so as to achieve the success of the exhibition and marketing objectives. And precisely because of the popularity of social media, we can leverage the broad reach of these platforms to drive more attention and traffic to our international shows.

On the afternoon of July 14, the special training meeting "Releasing Global Opportunities, Playing International Exhibition and digital Intelligence Platform" co-organized by Liaocheng Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park was successfully held, sponsored by Shandong Limao Supply Chain Management Service Co., LTD., Shandong Zhongzhan International Exhibition Promotion International Exhibition Co., LTD., Liaocheng Hongyuan International Trade Service Co., LTD., Gu Dao Technology (Liaocheng) Co., LTD. Among them, Li Zhenguo, deputy director of Gaotang County Bureau of Commerce, the leader of Gaotang County Inland Port, Liaocheng Hongyuan International Trade Service Co., LTD., Hou Min, general manager of Liaocheng Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, Wang Xiaojiao, deputy general manager of Shandong Zhongzhan Trade Promotion International Exhibition Co., LTD., Gao Ge, core operator of TK Business School for 3 years, ERIC, head of Facebook Greater China Authorized Operation Center and nearly 100 foreign trade enterprises in Liaocheng and other leaders and guests attended the event.

At the beginning of the event, Hou Min, general manager of Shandong Limaotong Supply Chain Management Service Co., LTD., delivered a speech and pointed out: With the further development of economic globalization and the rapid progress of science and technology, more and more opportunities appear in front of us. International exhibitions and overseas social media, as important ways to expand our business, bring us endless possibilities. Through international exhibitions, we can not only broaden the market, but also learn about the latest market trends and innovative technologies around the world. At the same time, TikTok, Facebook and other overseas social media provide us with more convenient ways to communicate and cooperate, helping enterprises to better attract and expand traffic. It is also hoped that the participating enterprises can cherish this platform of common learning and exchange, jointly explore new paths to release global opportunities, and jointly enjoy the infinite possibilities of international exhibitions and international social platforms.

Subsequently, Wang Xiaojiao, deputy general manager of Shandong Zhongzhan International Exhibition Co., LTD., respectively shared aspects of "How enterprises use overseas exhibitions to expand overseas markets", "subsidy declaration for participating in overseas exhibitions", "Pre-exhibition and post-storage, helping enterprises to develop overseas markets", and said that Zhongzhan International Exhibition as a professional service provider for overseas exhibitions and business activities. It will be committed to the actual needs of foreign trade enterprises in Liaocheng, and build a high-quality economic and trade docking and exchange platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to accurately match. The use of online + offline, pre-exhibition and post-warehouse international exhibition new models to help Liaocheng foreign trade enterprises smoothly explore the international market and go to the world.

Zhou Runcheng, Minister of International Affairs of CCTCI, connected the staff of public overseas warehouse of cross-border e-commerce in Qomolangma, Pakistan, and entered the local distribution market and production workshop in Pakistan to conduct on-site research and real-time sharing for local hot products and manufacturers' procurement needs.

Subsequently, Gao Ge, the core operator of TK Business School for 3 years, respectively shared TikTok traffic dividend, B2B lock accurate traffic and solutions and TikTok optimal operation solutions, and helped B2B foreign trade enterprises to understand how to accurately promote products through TK by introducing several common misunderstandings and basic operation logic in the operation process. The competition in the future is more cruel, is the competition of traffic, is the competition of ranking, is the competition of famous brands!

Finally, ERIC, head of Facebook Greater China Authorization Operations Center, shared Facebook's platform changes, marketing methods and advertising models. Among them, it involves the design of Facebook's anti-blocking layer, the layout and marketing strategy of the enterprise version of Facebook, the operation of overseas social media at the B end, and the Saas solution for foreign trade. And teach you how to use off-site traffic, how to do advertising in social media, how to do traffic precision and other basic concepts and operations. The impact of Facebook's peak season marketing, full time and time segment on advertising effectiveness, and through a comparative analysis of Facebook content creation, it also carefully explains the reasons for some Facebook bans. Finally, combined with past service cases, the importance of brand building is described, brand building can bring free search traffic and increase the purchase rate. And pointed out that cross-border e-commerce can not do without Facebook! Facebook, as the world's most popular social platform, has 2.9 billion monthly active users, which means that more than 50% of the world's Internet users are using Facebook every month, which is enough to show its popularity in the world.

The entrepreneurs present have reported that the event is very good, so that they have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of international exhibitions and overseas social media platforms on the foreign trade industry from different angles. And said that by understanding the functions of each platform and basic operations, the next step will be combined with their own industry and product characteristics, and learn the basic operator method. Continue to pay attention to the trend of digitalization and intelligence, and use scientific and technological means to enhance their competitiveness.