The seventh "Talk policy - Help enterprises sail far" promotion training activity was successfully held in Liaocheng cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park!



In order to expand the coverage and awareness of import and export policies, so that foreign trade enterprises know and benefit early, and further promote the high-quality development of foreign trade business of enterprises in our city. On September 8, the seventh "Talk Policy - Help enterprises to go Far" promotion training activity organized by Liaocheng Industrial Chain Long system Work Office and Liaocheng Industry and Information Bureau was successfully held in Liaocheng cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park, hosted by Liaocheng non-public enterprise Service Center and Liaocheng Cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park. Among them, more than 50 far-flung enterprises from various counties and urban areas of our city participated in the site, and the far-flung enterprises with import and export business in various counties and urban areas and all the assistant enterprise commissioners participated in the activity through online means at the sub-venue.

Ma Yi, head of relief group of Liaocheng Industrial Chain long system work Office, presided over the meeting and made a speech. He stressed that foreign trade is an important part of the national economy, and promoting the steady scale and excellent structure of foreign trade plays an important supporting role in stabilizing growth and employment, building a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development. At present, the world economic recovery is weak, global trade and investment is slowing down, unilateralism, protectionism and geopolitical risks are rising, and the direct impact of weakening external demand on China's foreign trade is still continuing. It is also important to note that the Chinese economy has strong resilience, great potential and full vitality, and the fundamentals for long-term improvement have not changed. Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe and complex international situation, the city's foreign trade field has been under pressure to forge ahead, continue to stabilize the stock and promote the increase, and effectively ensure the stable quality of the basic volume of foreign trade. Finally, it is hoped that all participants will seize the opportunity to study carefully and grasp the meaning and application of relevant import and export policies.

Guo Baoqiang, Chief of the General Business Section of Liaocheng Customs, started from the continuous promotion and implementation of the reform of "decentralization service" of The State Council, constantly optimizing the business environment, and effectively improving the level of customs clearance facilitation, combined with the needs of enterprises and the actual development of Liaocheng, It has carried out detailed interpretation in five aspects, such as subordinate customs clearance facilitation measures, RCEP and preferential policies of origin, Railway and Sea E-Pass export customs transfer, introduction of preferential import tax policies, and cross-border e-commerce customs clearance guidelines. Through practical cases, the participating enterprises focused on the scope and conditions of relevant policy application, declaration process and business handling methods, and actively interpreted policies and docking work for enterprises in need.

Hou Min, general manager of Liaocheng Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, introduced the basic situation of the park, relevant innovation models and work highlights. And pointed out that the park will continue to strengthen the ability of foreign trade service, focus on the internal and external linkage, give full play to the advantages of policy integration, based in Liaocheng, radiate Hebei, Henan, do everything possible to assist enterprises to explore the international market, promote the transformation and upgrading of Liaocheng's traditional industries, and promote the speed and expansion of Liaocheng's opening to the outside world, improve quality and efficiency, and upgrade.

After the meeting, Ma Yi, the leader of the relief team of Liaocheng Industrial Chain Long System Work Office, and the participating entrepreneurs collectively visited Liaocheng cross-border trade data visualization platform, foreign trade digital ecological service center, Liaocheng Intangible cultural Heritage Exhibition Center, and the Belt and Road featured commodity Exhibition Hall, etc., and learned about the founding concept, spatial layout, development strategy and future planning vision of the park.