Food contact regulations Requirements and precautions for applying for Saudi PCOC certificate



Food contact regulations Apply for Saudi PCOC certificate

Food contact regulations Apply for Saudi PCOC certificate

Requirements and precautions

01 Food contact products

Disposable paper cutlery (paper cups, paper bowls, paper plates), plastic cutlery, baking paper, kitchen tools (POTS, bowls, etc.), food containers (water cups, jugs, etc.), disposable plastic cutlery, etc.

(1) First of all, the specific material of the product is also determined by the customs code.

(2) Food contact products belonging to type3 food contact materials need to be inspected by the factory before issuing the SABER-PC certificate, that is to say, the factory must have the qualification ability to produce this material product, and the test report applying for the SABER certificate needs to be tested by the EU food contact material standard, mainly heavy metal detection.

02 Label

(1) The information must be correct, verified, and not mislead consumers;

(2) The label must be firmly attached to the product and is not easy to disassemble;

(3) to carry food contact signs;

(4) The label should contain the following information: product name, trademark, supplier name, country of origin, warning and other information;

(5) The ingredients on the label and the country of origin shall be in both English and Arabic, with Arabic being mandatory.

03 Packaging

The products should be in small packages or outer boxes, and the outer boxes should bear information related to the products, such as model, batch, size, number of packages, size of outer packages, country of origin and other information.

04 Test Report

The report provided should be a true test report issued by a qualified laboratory.