Senegal BESC/ECTN certification procedures



Senegal BESC/ECTN certification procedures

In the export trade with Africa, BESC/ECTN is a very important document, the Chinese name is electronic goods tracking sheet. It is a valid document that records the details of the cargo, including the origin, description, quantity, value, and carrier information. In Senegal, failure to provide a valid BESC/ECTN will result in the consignee at the port of destination being unable to clear customs and take delivery of the goods, and may incur fines.

This regulation in Senegal is very important for importers, and we must make relevant preparations before importing to avoid unnecessary losses.

Procedure for applying for ECTN/BESC certification in Senegal:

(1) Inform your company's contact details, such as: Chinese and English company name, Chinese and English address, telephone and fax numbers, E-mail address contact person.

(2) Inform the shipping information, such as: a total number of shipments, the shipping details of each shipment (20 'or 40' container, bulk cargo or rolling car number).

(3) Our company will provide the cost of Senegal ECTN/BESC certification according to the quantity of the shipment, and issue an invoice to your company to arrange the remittance. Your company remit to our account. The invoice will state our account number.

(4) When the application for Senegal BESC is complete, your company needs to fill in the application form [Senegal BESC Application Form] and email or fax it to our company together with a copy of the commercial invoice of the bill of lading. Your company must carefully review and approve. After confirming the BESC draft, the BESC number will be issued first, and the customer will issue the original bill of lading after obtaining the BESC number. The customer will provide the original bill of lading to our company, and our company will send the ENS to the authorities for approval. BESC cannot make any changes once approved.

(5) The original copy of the approved BESC (PDF format) will be sent to you by email. You need to print out this document or forward the attachment to the consignee, forwarder or shipping company at the port of discharge.

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